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If you're searching for a vet with the skills and experience to provide your pet with the care they deserve, look no further than AVC – Animal Vet Clinic. Our practice offers comprehensive wellness exams for pets of all ages, from kittens to senior dogs, designed to help your companion live a healthy, joyful, and long life.

Our skilled team is passionate about meeting your pet's unique needs in a caring and comforting environment. When you choose our veterinary office, you can trust that we will care for your pets as if they were our own. Our goal is to become your trusted partner in supporting your pet's long-term health with preventive care and expert guidance. Help your furry best friend thrive with our pet checkups in Newberry, and schedule your consultation today.


Why Should My Pet See a Vet?

You already know that treating health concerns before they become serious is important, but sometimes the signs and symptoms are difficult to spot. No matter how well you know your pet, animals can't communicate with words to tell us that something is wrong. Many health issues can be avoided with the right preventive care, which means you can avoid costly emergency vet costs. By bringing your pet in for a yearly exam, our veterinarian can:

  • Detect and prevent health issues
  • Help keep your family and other pets safe
  • Address behavioral concerns
  • Keep your pet up to date on their vaccines

What Happens During a Wellness Exam?

When you bring in your pet for a wellness exam, we make it a priority to help your pet feel comfortable and at ease while we take a comprehensive look into their overall health. We will discuss your pet's medical history, any specific concerns you have, and your pet's lifestyle. Our vet will then perform a physical examination, including taking their temperature; evaluating their ears, eyes, teeth, heart, and lungs; and checking for internal abnormalities. To ensure nothing is overlooked, our vet may also:

  • Check for signs of fleas & ticks
  • Ask for a stool sample
  • Perform bloodwork & urinalysis
  • Test for heartworm
  • Update vaccinations

Using our examination results and keeping your concerns in mind, we will craft your pet's personalized care plan and provide recommendations. We are also happy to adjust their plan according to your lifestyle and comfort level so that they are receiving the necessary care in a way that works for you.

Along with examining your pet from nose to tail, we will also take the time to form a relationship with you and your pet. We will ask questions and learn about your pet's unique personality so we can cater our care to their needs. No matter your concerns or questions, we do our best to address them so you can leave our office with a better understanding of your companion's health.

Reliable Cat and Dog Vaccinations

One of the easiest and most important ways to protect your pet's health is by ensuring they are up to date on the right vaccinations. Vaccines allow your pet's immune system to prepare itself against common diseases, lessening the severity of illness or preventing it entirely. We can help keep track of what vaccines your companion needs and when. Some of the core vaccines that we provide include:

  • For Cats: rabies, feline calicivirus, panleukopenia (feline distemper), feline herpesvirus
  • For Dogs: rabies, canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis

Our veterinarian will also recommend other vaccinations based on your pet's lifestyle and geographical region. If you are boarding, grooming, or traveling with your pet, we can make sure they are up to date with their vaccines and share vaccination records when needed.

Education for Pet Owners

Along with providing your pet with excellent care, we want to be a trusted resource so you can do the same at home. When you come in for your pet's wellness exam, we will discuss their daily routines, such as their diet and exercise, and address any problems you see. Some of the advice and recommendations our knowledgeable staff can help you with include housebreaking and training, behavior issues, dietary advice, and breed-specific health issues to look out for.

Supporting Pet Wellness in Newberry

Your pet deserves nothing less than quality service from a skilled team that cares for your animal as much as you do. AVC – Animal Vet Clinic offers quality wellness exams, vaccinations, and education so your beloved companion can live a happy and healthy life by your side. Our team is passionate about providing fantastic care to your pet, no matter their needs. If you are looking to get your pet a wellness exam in Newberry, contact our office to schedule your appointment today.



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